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Indian Air Force to Launch a new video game game with more graphics and VFX

Today, all teenagers are totally attracted to video games and social sites, but many people don’t know that too much of cell phone addiction can cause a lot of damage to the human brain. We all know about PUBG is one of the most popular videogames today, all the teenagers love to play it and they spent most of their time playing. So, by keeping, all these things in mind our Air force has created a new game for all teenagers which will make them more creative and observative. So, let’s check this up.

India’s most expensive game

The Indian Air Force has tweeted on their account that soon they are gonna release this game on the protector of skies themes. The game will be released on both the Android and iOS platforms.

When it is gonna be release?

The name of the game is, “Indian Air Force: A Cut Above”. The teaser and its first look have already been shared and by the end of this month on 31st of July the game will be released.

Its teaser and further information

In its teaser, we see a fighter plane and the lead character is inspired by our Indian warrior and most respected commander Mr. Abhinandan Varthaman. The game will gonna have dozens of fighter jets and planes.

What is all about?

The game will be all about managing the flying aircraft and will have to face dozens of tasks and actions like aerial combats and engage in “dog fights” with enemies.

The game will gain a lot of popularity

The tweet is already on trending at the social media. The teaser has received upto 32000 views with 1.369 retweets also the tweet has received upto 5,752 likes. The game theme is also very educational so the youth is gonna get encourage about it and wanna join Indian army in future.

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1 Comment

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    September 6, 2019 at 1:35 pm

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