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PUBG Mobile Helicopter 0.14.5 update to add heavy weapons mode

Updating 0.14.5 for PUBG Mobile could add new modes and the ability to fly helicopters.

The next major update to PUBG Mobile, version 0.14.5, should be here shortly. We look forward to introducing Season 9. The rumor has been circulating around September 12th. The next updated battle is projected to bring an entirely new mode of transportation for the Royal Game.

If the report is correct, the PUBG Mobile Update will bring the ability to use 0.14.5 helicopters. We have seen ground helicopters at some point on almost all the maps, but no one has yet been able to fly them. According to Mr Ghost Gaming, the next update will allow you to fly around with your squad. YouTube has posted a video showing the gameplay on the Chinese version of the game.

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