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Facebook decided to stop being your favorite feature!

Facebook has decided on the comments and likes of the post and the number of likes will not be visible to other users.

Facebook, the most popular social media networking site, will soon be shutting down its all-time favorite feature. Facebook is now about to delete the Like Count feature. Facebook has made it clear on Tuesday. Facebook says friends and other users will not be able to see how many likes are now posted.

Like photos, videos, and comments, the post severely reduces viewership. If you turn off this feature, users will notice exactly what is in the post. That’s why Facebook made this decision.

Like Facebook, this feature is not liked by many. after posting, the number of likes and comments came to mind. Before Facebook, Instagram announced that it would not show the number of people who liked and liked the video. The experiment will be launched in at least six countries. Only those who have an account can see how many likes.

Tech Blogger has removed a screenshot while testing this feature on Twitter. I can’t see how many photos are in it. Spokespeople on social networking site Facebook also said on Tuesday that they were considering not showing the number of likes of Facebook posts.

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