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15 Pictures That Are Enough To Scare The Hell Out Of You!

Even today there are no strong shreds of evidence to prove the existence of ghost or unnatural activities. But sometimes when we see or feel something very unnatural around us, we tend to partially believe in the existence of supernatural powers. 

From spooky figures in the background to some unbelievable shadows captured in the camera, we have curated a list of few pictures that have recorded paranormal activities in the background.

Note: You’re going to have nightmares about this for a while.

Can you spot that ‘hang man’!

These kids were playing around the garden but what they didn’t notice was the creepy silhouette hanging right under the tree.

The lobby man!

Imagine you are standing in the lobby of a hotel. You see a man standing right in the middle of the lobby and the very next second he disappears. Isn’t this enough to send chills down your spine?

The fire lady!

Can you spot a creepy figure coming out of the fire from the left window of the burning car? Scary!

Is this for real!

We literally had goosebumps while we came across this picture. I hope the kids are fine.

That lurking figure!

The kid was just playing around with his parents’ mobile camera but what he didn’t notice was this lurking creepy figure standing right behind him.

And now it’s a ‘hanging child’!

This candid picture of a man captured a boy hanging from the ceiling of a room. We wonder how nobody noticed him.

And it’s here!

These kids might have not known what the Ouija board game is used for. Did you spot the third finger on the right corner of the Ouija board?

Snapchat filter with a face!

We all know that Snapchat filters don’t work without tracking someone’s face. Now, look at the image again. Scary as hell. Isn’t it?

That face on the screen!

Is the creepy figure captured on the computer screen really a ghost or it’s just a reflection of someone?

Look at the driver seat!

Can you spot that creepy lady sitting on the driver seat staring at the camera? Isn’t it spine-chilling?

The floating lady!

Can you spot the lady standing at the left corner of the picture? We just can’t spot her legs. She might be a floating ghost.

It’s movie time!

Even ghosts like to watch movies.

Baby ghost and Mother ghost!

A photographer might have clicked this picture to check his camera settings in the night vision. What he didn’t notice is a mother and her baby ghost walking down the stairs.

What’s behind the tree?

This little girl was playing around with her toys in the balcony. What she didn’t notice was this shadow peeping her from behind the tree.

Haunted hotel!

Would you dare you to spend a night in a haunted hotel? Well! It’s a terrifying adventure someone would opt for.

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