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Is He Ranu Mandal Son? New VIDEO Viral!

‘This son is not Ranu Mandal’s son! Is anyone ready to test this diamond too! This video has been given the caption “Once upon a time.”

Everyone knows about Ranu, who is currently on social media. Ranu Mandal, who is begging to be sung at a train station, has become a Bollywood playback singer today due to a viral video. Their journey is truly astounding. Famous singer Himesh Reshammiya gave him his first break and his life changed drastically. A child’s video is going viral on social media. Even the tunes are singing in this song. So this boy is not Ranu Mandal’s son? Such discussions have begun.

We are not making any claims about the video of this kid going viral on social media, true or false. But Ranu is said to have the same interest as Kumar Shaanu as Lata Mangeshkar’s shadow. This video has been heavily liked and commented on when Facebook went viral.
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