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Kapil Sharma Show star Kiku Sharda took Rs 78,650 for a cup of Cappuccino and teacup in Bali.

Kiku Sharda, who was on vacation in Bali, revealed on Twitter that the hotel in which he lives charges 78,650 for hot drinks.

Actor-comedian Kiku Sharda was recently charged Rs 78,650 for a cup of cappuccino and a cup of tea for various avatars like The Bumper, Palak, Bachchan Yadav on The Kapil Sharma Show.

On a vacation in Bali, Kiku revealed on Twitter that the hotel he is staying at charges Rs 78,650 for hot drinks. However, he had no complaints because the Indian currency in Indonesia’s rupee is about Rs400 in Indian currency.

Kiku tweeted a picture of his bill and wrote, “My 1 cappuccino and 1 tea bill is 78,650 / – but since I am in Bali, Indonesia, I am not complaining and their currency converts to Rs 400 / – currency #mehengaayee. “

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