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Tuzyat Jiv Rangala – Ranada and Patbhai’s TRP meter

Audience message to be taken in 2 weeks

Audience message to be taken in series? The new series will begin at 7.30pm.

It is reported that the audience will soon say goodbye to the series, which is lively in the minds of women. Rana’s changed look for the past few days and the events that took place in Serial Overall, the series currently ranks you in number one on the TRP meter last week. Currently, the promo for this series of Wife Wedding Wedding by Zee Marathi has been launched. The series is coming to an audience on October 21st at 7.30pm. So the series of life colors in you is going to close.

Pathakbai and Rana, who are loving and lighthearted, have made their home in the minds of the audience. Now Rana’s Rajgonda Rupa literally took the audience head on. So the series is also number one in the TRP meter. However, both of them are now a bit annoyed as the audience is going to take a nap.

While Pathakbai and Rana are pushing for a reunion, Rana’s efforts are underway to punish Nandita and her brother. The series debuts on Zee Marathi on October 3, 2016 at 7.30 pm and will take place on October 20. The reason for this is that the new series, which starts at 7.30 pm, has not been officially announced, but new serial promos have started on Zee Marathi.

The netizens have suggested that my husband’s wife be discontinued for a few days. My husband’s wife is being pulled out of the water by the pool rather than by her life. Networks are expressing their anger over social media rather than showing it off.

In the meantime, there was debate as to whether the series would be closed. But now it will be important to see if your life-cycle series closes or its timing changes.

From October 21, the bride-to-be bridesmaid will be meeting the audience with a new topic, New Wedding Core Series, at 7.30pm.

It is interesting to see what the series brings with it, a combination of both English and Marathi languages ​​and two trends. In this serial promo, the protagonist who goes abroad for a job overseas comes back home with a nice gift for everyone.

This time his mother asks what he brought for you. The protagonist of the series says Doll and a beautiful alien girl enter the house and everyone is shocked.

The series is set to launch on October 21 at 7.30 pm when the promo ends. It will be important to see how much the foreign wedding ring of the indigenous bride loves the audience and whether Anjali and Rana will really take the audience away.

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