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15 most beautiful natural places in India.

How about turning your phones on silent and planning for vacation with no crowds and more nature lavish green mountains, crystal clear waterfalls, fresh and fast winds and fresh greenry everywhere. Staying totally far away from toxic airs, pollution, traffic, noises and dirt. A place with natural and lavish beauty which is gonna make this trip totally fantastic and fabulous. So, let’s check out some of these lesser known but awesome places in India where you can plan a very great trip. So, let’s check this up.

The place of waterfalls.

Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya a place with various beautiful waterfalls and dozens of caves where you can enjoy the lavish views.

The breathtaking nature views

Well, if we talk about the breath taking views of nature which includes beautiful mountains, forests and quite lakes.

Away from beaches but with birds.

Goa the most exotic place of India when it comes to vacations Goa becomes people’s first choice. Well¬† we all know that Goa is famous for beaches and nightlife but over here we are taking about a place with birds and greenry.

The most historic place.

Badami Caves, Karnataka one of the most beautiful cave in the world, is encircled with beautiful lakes. Its Hindu Temple is alos loved by all the tourist a lot.

The Indian beauty.

Jammu and Kashmir is the proud of India its beauty attracts most of the tourist all around the world. But its native place Chatpal is one of the most unexplored places of it.

The place with fresh air and waterfall.

Kerela the state with most beautiful nature its waterfalls and breath taking views of rocks and fresh air is totally worth watching.

Rainbow mountains with colourful view.

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh one of the most colourful place with lots of greenry and relaxing climate.

The beauty of India

Jammu and Kashmir’s Zanskar is also another unexplored place of India. Its river starts from the top of the mountains to flow towards the hill makes such an awesom eview that we can’t forget it at all.

Most quite lake and landscape.

Nako, Himachal Pradesh a place with the quitest and silent lake with such a expendible landscape.

World’s 3rd most loneliest place.

This place is entitled with the award of world’s most loneliest place. It has least number of tourist in a year. But the view is still breath taking.

India’s most lovable Valley.

Himachal Pradesh’s most adorable valley in the world. But still many Indians haven’t explored this awesome palce still now.

Asia’s most adorable Island.

Andaman Nicobar’s Little Island is still not explored properly by people. Its beaches are so relaxingh that except the blue we can’t see anything all around.

Tamil Nadu’s most Holy Place.

Wanna see how our ancestors used to built their palace so perfectly and beautifully which is not at all possible after such a great technology.

The most adorable caves of the world.

Edakkal Caves, Kerela is been entitled as one of the adorable caves in the world by all the tourist ever visited over here. The people who love creativity will never forget it.

Best place for a camping trip.

Planning for a camping trip with family and friends. Spending time near sea shore with such a beautiful lake and climate and the most adorable stars view at night can never ever be for

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