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Sleeping Position of Couple reveals a lot about their Relation.

In a relationship how couples sleep, reveals a lot about their relation. Sometimes we find it very easy to justify and expain it. The amount of love and care, can easily be judged also the amount of misunderstandings and fights. So, let’s check out some positions which reveals a lot about relation between couple.

Position 1 – Back-To-Back And Far Apart

This type of position states that, the couple have more fights then love moments but they do know how to resolve problems and misunderstanding among them. The love and care sometimes stays under their hearts only and never comes out to show each other.

Position 2 – Spooning

This is an old is gold type of position. It shows that one partner is protective to the other one and also it states that their is something missing in the relationship.

Position 3 – Back-To-Back And Touching

This position shows that both the both the partners are comfortable and happy with each other in the relationship. Also they love touching each other a lot.

Position 4 – Intertwined In The Beginning And Then Moving Far Apart

This is seen most common within the couples. As they states that first 10 minutes we tightly hug each other and then slowly we try to move far away from each other. Which shows that the relation have independence and control.

Position 5 – One Of Them Ruling The Bed

If one pafrtner tries to conquer whole most of the bed than it shows that their is a chance of sepreation and power struggle between both of them.

Position 6 – Head On Your Partner’s Chest

This is treated as the most romantic position in the relation. This shows that couple still is in honeymoon phase and share a huge level of intimacy between each other.

Position 7 – Entangled For The Entire Night

This position states that their is a lot of dependancy and unnecessary fight among the couples and they may get seprated any time.

Position 8 – Facing Each Other Without Any Contact

This position states that their is no place for emotion among the couple and their is no closeness and madness in their love. They both are practical minded and straight forward.

Position 9 – The Loose Spoon

This shows that, they had a high level of intimacy between each other, but now they have lost intrest among each other.

Position 10 – The Chase

This position states that, one partner is more caring and loving then other and he demands more respect than he gets. It can be compared to spooning but their is some of sorts of difference among the both.

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