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Pakistani Actress Mehwish Hayat Takes Dig at Alia Bhatt for ‘Stealing’ Prada Song

Mehwish Hayat’s comment came in the wake of Alia Bhatt’s recent music video debut with the Punjabi song ‘Prada’ that bears some similarities with Pakistani song Gore Rang Ka Zamana from ‘Vital Signs’ album.

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has again criticised Bollywood for its alleged ‘hypocrisy’ and accused it of stealing Pakistani songs. Her comment came in the wake of Alia Bhatt’s recent music video debut with the Punjabi song Prada that bears some similarities with Pakistani song Gore Rang Ka Zamanafrom ‘Vital Signs’ album.

It was pointed out by many Twitter users after which, Hayat accused Bollywood of plagiarism. “I find this strange. On the one hand Bollywood vilifies Pakistan at every opportunity they get. On the other, they continue to steal our songs. Copyright violation and royalty payments obviously mean nothing to them,” she tweeted.

“Now can we wake up, smell the coffee and see Bollywood’s agenda for what it is? Shah Rukh Khan, be patriotic, nobody is stopping you – just don’t do it at the expense of vilifying us,” Hayat tweeted.

Hayat had maintained her stance in an opinion piece written for CNN earlier. “Indian PM Modi has arguably co-opted and weaponised the country’s film industry. It’s difficult, often impossible, for Pakistani actors to find work in India,” she wrote.

“Pakistan is a Muslim majority nation and Islamophobia is a top-down industry in India: at the top, hyper-nationalist films, songs and slogans teach the masses to hate. At the grassroots, Muslims have been killed for so-called crimes like eating beef,” Hayat said.

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