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Sister has revealed that Kriti Sanon has dated 2 people and their longest relationship lasted for 2.5 years

Kriti Sanon and her sister Nupur in a recent interview talked about dealing with break-ups, relationships and more.

Kriti Sanon and her sister Nupur recently sat down for an interview together, where they spilled some secrets about each other. The sisters talked about dealing with break-ups, relationships and more. Nupur revealed that Kriti has dated two people till now and her longest relationship lasted 2.5 years.

Kriti admitted that she is a “hopeless romantic, love letters” but not in the ’70s and ’80s style. Talking about qualities she would like in a person she would love to date, Kriti told Pinkvilla in an interview, “I am more organic about chemistry and don’t have a checklist.”

Nupur chipped in to add that she needs to approve of the person, but Kriti retorts, “I don’t think it matters. I am not going to take approval from 10 people and then decide whether I have to be with this person or not.”

The Luka Chuppi actress added, “I like loyalty, which doesn’t exist much… It is sad to say in today’s generation that loyalty isn’t so much. I can’t be friends with my exes, I have not had I think. It depends on how you break up, if it is mutually, maybe ya.”

Talking about a recent fight where they hit each other, Nupur said, “I went into my room because I was in that zone when I wanted peace and did not want anyone around. This woman (Kriti) followed me into the room and she was standing on top of my head.”

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